The “strong” ale of our selection. Amber-colored, very hoppy without being too bitter, it evokes a mixture of fruits and caramel without being too sugary.


DDH: double dry hop. First cold hopping near the end of the primary fermentation and second cold hopping during the secondary fermentation.


 its slightly sweet base goes very well with cheese. Perfect for an autumn afternoon by the fireplace... to enjoy a real brewmance!


Bordeaux water, Malts (Vienna, Oat flakes, Cara 25 EBC) Hops (Aromatic: Mosaic,  1st and 2nd  Dry hopping: Mosaic), Yeast US-05.

Alcool : 8,3

IBU : 45

EBC : 18

Azimut Brasserie : brasserie artisanale et craft de Bordeaux